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Young Collector Awards

The International Badgers Club has recently launched a 'Young Collectors' Award'.

The awards are aimed as all sections of the Scouting community and fit alongside the requirements for each section's hobbies activity award, as well as supporting many of the international aspects of the training programme.

The award programme offers your young people the chance to swap badges with Scouts from around the UK and the rest of the world, as is a great way to obtain your hobbies award alongside it. The award scheme is based on the criteria of the sectional activity programmes. Suggested activities include:

  • Displaying your collection in an imaginative and creative way (perhaps a blanket, group flag, in a frame, on your group blog/website, etc.)
  • Conducting a badge swap with members of the club in a different country
  • Researching the origins of your own district / area / county badge, which the club can help you with!

This makes it a great way to get the whole group involved, in achieving their activity award, forming new friendships with scouts from around the world, all through swapping. A sample of the criteria of the awards can be seen below. All participants would receive an IBC award for their blanket, as well as a certificate. They will also, of course, have earned their sectional award for their uniform in the process!

The club award badge comes in four levels, Bronze for Beavers, Silver for Cubs, Gold for Scouts and Platinum for Explorers/Network.

Download an award booklet for recording your progress towards the award;

Membership is available for groups as well as individuals, details of which can be found under the Joining section.

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