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25th Oct, 2023Craig NimmoHi allI am looking for vintage boy scout drummer badge, and 2 vintage boy scout bugler badges for my scouts.RegardsCraig
10th Mar, 2023Pablo Lozano Mantilla Soy el presidente de los Coleccionistas Scouts de Bolivia busco entablar intercambios y amistad con coleccionistas de todo el mundo. Tengo matetial del último ENPACOS 2022. Saludos cordiales
22nd Feb, 2023Jordi BernetHello everyone,I am a member of the IBC, discontinuously, I think since 1985. I am interested in badges from Spain, Kandersteg, only scout progression, BSA position, World Jamboree participant badge and finally WSGCM badges (World Scout and Guide Collectors Meeting). Can you help me?.Thank you.
5th Sep, 2022Jerry da Silva MatzI was a former member #1978 many, many years. +45 years collecting, being honest and trustworthy ever. Honored with Medal of Merit and a few international awards from Russian Scouts in Exile, White Ruthenian, Estonian among others in the past. My field of scout badge collecting is very specialized so I limit the search to Air Scouting, Scouts in Exile (mainly pre-1989, DP camps, etnic troops abroad), BSA badges of office, Japan and a very few more. Therefore it is normal that I can also offer more of this type of insignia or that I can find the right contacts looking for them. I am not rich, nor am I interested in producing falsehoods. I met Alexey Zacharin and Margarita Suwalow (both Russian ORUR in NY) were good friends of mine, and still keep regular contact with Nick Gileff (Russian NORS) today. I helped Piet Kroonenberg (WOSM historian) to compile information and pictures for his books as well.
19th Nov, 2021Mark parry Agm next year?
18th Jun, 2021Andrea PadoinDear Scout brothers and sisters,the World Meeting of Scout and Guide Collectors in Italy awaits you!The 39th World Meeting, the first since the pandemic, will be held on the weekend of 10-12 September, not far from venice, Northern Italy.The event will be held in a very large, outdoor exhibition center, where we can guarantee - if necessary - distance and safety.Swap tables will be distant, and dinner and other activities will be outdoors, enjoying the Italian late summer weather ... in a spectacular and unique setting.By now we are getting vaccinated, in a few weeks we will all have the green pass and traveling to Europe will not be a problem.For organizational reasons, we would like to know if anyone is considering attending the meeting. It will be a great moment... to be able to greet each other in person after two years ... toast with a prosecco and resume our swaps.We look forward to your reservations!The form can be downloaded from the website of the event: look for 39wsgcm "dot" org.Thank you, see you soon!
26th Mar, 2021Claire BennettInformation request:In the catalogue that was released for the 2011 World Scout Jamboree before the camp so that people could make pre-orders, there was a badge that was in the shape of a Swedish dala horse, coloured in stripes of the bright colours that a lot of the merch had. I foolishly thought I wouldn't want enough in the shop to reach the minimum spend (hahahahaha!), so didn't do a pre order. I really loved that badge though, and went into the shop pretty much every day trying to get one, but never saw it on sale nor did my friend who I'd asked to keep an eye out. Did the badge actually exist in the end? If you know either way, please drop me a line!
19th Feb, 2021Michelle Hughes I was previously a member for many years. So, my camp blanket recently got destroyed (long story, very emotional). I grew up in Worcestershire/Midlands Guiding in the 1970, 80s, 90s and all my badges from that time have been ruined. Very happy to swap or buy if you have any from that time. Please get in touch!! Thanks.
10th Dec, 2020Jed ParkinGood afternoon all, I'm after a boy scout war service arm band if anyone has one for sale. Thanks in advance Jed ?
6th Dec, 2020Tony PeckUgo. Your email does not answer; it is incomplete. I have a 1960 Norway National Jamboree badge spare. Please email me to arrange an exchange : jam.man@bigpond.com Ciao, Tony.
4th Dec, 2020UgoHi. Can anyone help me find the rare 1924 World Jamboree patch? I think I have some interesting Jamboree material to trade. I am an Italian collector (among other things, I am looking for the patches of the Norwegian National Jamborees - NSF - 1948, 1952, 1960, 1964). Thanks for the hospitality on this interesting site.
18th Nov, 2020ENRIQUE POVEDA LOPEZ DE URALDEAlgun coleccionista scout que quiera cambiar insignias scouts de paises de extremo oriente.
5th Nov, 2020Gareth EllacottI was a Scout member for over 40 years, now no longer involved but I have a case full of badges, pennants and other bits & pieces going back 40+ years inc Boy Scout,Rover and odd badges from around the world. Rather than bin these I would like to offer them to anyone who can collect them from Edgware, Middx (HA8) area [Smiley] FREE[Smiley]
5th Nov, 2020Gareth EllacottMy offer of free badges has been claimed.
3rd Nov, 2020Mark parry What's the likelihood of the agm in March being cancelled
23rd Oct, 2020Michael BiggsI was previously member 72/88 but have not collected for some years. I have a collection of approx 2500 badges in 6 albums and approx 100 swops. As I am almost 80 I am looking to sell the collection and swops to give to my grandsons.Many are old, many extinct. It needs to be a serious collector to give these a new home. Any offers?
12th Oct, 2020Hubert VAN MECHELENHello,I am a member of the IBC for MANY years.I have noticed that my name has disappeared in the membership list, why?My membershipnumber is 1896. Can you fix that pleaseScout greatings
25th Aug, 2020Bruce MeldrumChanged to a new webprovider, more space for more badges and more comments! [Smiley]
7th May, 2020Jordi BernetHello everyone,
I am a member of the IBC, discontinuously, I think since 1985. I am interested in badges from Spain, Kandersteg, only scout progression, BSA position, World Jamboree participant badge and finally WSGCM badges (World Scout and Guide Collectors Meeting). Can you help me?.
Thank you.
26th Dec, 2019Jimmy YipGreat amendments about the catalogue all over the world. Especially the Japanese patches updated.
21st Jul, 2019STEWART MARRIOTTI have rejoined the badgers club after along break (joined last year), but not heard a thing since,
plus in the last few days i have over a large collection, amongst them are some badges i cant identify, they are all diamond shaped and contain main elephants, what look like religious monuments or buildings, can anybody help.
21st Jul, 2019STEWART MARRIOTTI have rejoined the badgers club after along break (joined last year), but not heard a thing since,
plus in the last few days i have taken over a large collection, amongst them are some badges i cant identify, they are all diamond shaped and contain mainly elephants, and what look like religious monuments or buildings, can anybody help.
20th Sep, 2018C. Mark Grant member no. 05/25Hi there, greetings from the Highlands of Scotland (Inverness) ! I collect Eurojam 2005 & WSJ 2007 at Chelmsford where I was an IST. I was wondering if anyone had a definitive list of the UK & International Contingents that took part at Chelmsford?
I also have a lot of swaps from both camps and would like to get in touch with like minded collectors. I have a lot of badges from many other WSJs ready to swap but I'm not collecting other WSJs, only 2007!! Feel free to get in touch but I will be out of the country doing 'Scouty' things in the next few weeks for near a fortnight without computer access so please be patient if you don't hear back immediately. Cheers, YiS, Mark[Smiley] [Smiley]
17th Aug, 2018Craig StebbinsI'm a third generation Eagle Scout and live in Seattle Washington. I attend the 1975 World Jamboree in Norway. I'm currently as assistant Cubmaster in a unit founded 80 years ago.

I'm looking for a 1970's era UK Queens Scout Badge and a complimentary UK Chief Scouts Badge from the same period. Used, but good condition is OK. A fellow leader in Pack earned these, but has since lost them over the years.
13th Jul, 2018jessdsporn viriyasakultornCan anyone help please? [Smiley]

Does anyone have a King Siam ' own badge troop from UK (red badge have white elephant)
for sale please?
I have put together a ceremony in 108 year of thai scout

Thanks in anticipation [Smiley]

jessadaporn, Thailand
27th Oct, 2017Richard GahanUsed to be a member 20/30 years ago when as a Scout then young leader I collected County and District Badges.

Whilst clearing my mothers house 18 months ago, I found my old collection of UK County and District badges, swaps and small collection of overseas badges. Also found an early copy of the Annual Catelogue listing all UK badges - for some reason, I kept the list and still have it.

I really must open the box of badges - never stored in any logical order other than maybe elastic band by county.

May even have some old swaps.

Still involved with Scouting having completed 25+ years as (Assistant) Scout Leader with the same group as I was in Scouts.

Great to see the club is still going strong and looking through the virtual collection - many of which I will probably have myself
23rd Aug, 2017Dean JusticeHiI have paid membership to join I.B.C and my payment by paypal has not been processed yet. I am trying to get in touch with anyone who has Iceland Scout badges, I am from Australia and a collector of Iceland Scout badges. I have been in touch with Robin Woodruff a former member who gave me 2 names of Iceland collectors. Chris Hollingham (UK) and Glen Wright (USA). Thanks
21st Jul, 2017ColinCan anyone help please? [Smiley]

Two questions...

1. Does anyone have a Rover ribbon project badge (genuine/excellent repro) for sale please? I have put together a Rover uniform for vintage weekend and when I ironed it the Project badge disintegrated [Smiley] (fortunately a repro)...but I am now desperate to complete the uniform.

2. I've not been to Gilwell reunion for years - do the 'Badgers' still have a display and stalls selling badges and memorabilia?

Thanks in anticipation [Smiley]

10th Mar, 2017LenI am seeking a sixties era scouters badge, bristle not important, would have 'boy scouts' on the scroll. Hopefully style with two lugs to rear. I have hopefully secured the District Wolf Cub Leader cap badge with similar wording on the scroll and white field. I have undertaken to try to fill in the gaps for Area HQ museum. Happy to pay reasonable costs to Australia.
23rd Feb, 2017FionaHello, I collect metal Girl Guide Badges, (and some pre 2000 cloth interest badges), I have most promise badges except the purple enamel one given to extension guides. Does anyone have any ideas where I might find one? I also collect miniature metal girl guide pins and badges. My email is johnston7jn@btinternet.com. Help is needed, can you help complete my collection?:[Smiley]
17th Dec, 2016Alan SewellBedfordshire Someries and Lea Valley have meged to form Falk, badge issued. Bedford and Ouse Valley have merged and at the moment being called Bedford and Ouse Valley havnt heard talk of a new badge yet.
12th Dec, 2016Carie-Louise GrayHi. My son James-Taylor is 9 and hes recently joined here. He collects name tapes and is trying to collect one off every pack of the UK. Hes only been collecting since Feb..he started with the Cubs100 challemge and never gave up. He currently is a Cub and loves it. He cant wait to start his IBC journey :-)
11th Dec, 2016Jessadaporn I finding the king Siam ' own badge troop from UK
I hoping other connect to me
25th May, 2016Elaine JacksonOMG I just found out about this both myself and my daughter are badge collectors. Think she will definitely want to join too![Smiley]
24th May, 2016SimonHello I'm looking for a list of all the England scouting Counties
10th May, 2016lenI am looking for badges from two Singapore groups, 17th Singapore and 66th Singapore (Air Scouts) from the period early 1960's. Also the British Cub pack on Minden Barracks (Penang) same period. I was involved with these groups at this period. now retired in Australia, mobile phone is 0400242077.[Smiley]
19th Apr, 2016SamHi guys. Joined IBC about a week back and so happy I did. Ive been collecting for about a year and a half and already my collection is big. I even got a ton of vintage uniforms for my 18th birthday a few weeks back.

I always have Cleveland County and Middlesbrough District badges to swap if anybody is interested. Hope to get some good swaps with everyone.

10th Apr, 2016Bruce MeldrumAlways happy to swap 6 Kennet Doubles and/or 6 Berkshire county badges for any UK Scouts District and County badges to help turn around my swap box! [Smiley]
1st Jan, 2015mark parryhappy new year to all the members of the club[Smiley]
23rd Nov, 2014Gerry WI am a little disturbed to see adverts appearing on eBay for British/UK Scout proficiency Badges that are stretching the truth and quoting the IBC as their source of provenance. One example - 1909 British/UK Scouts ENTERTAINER Proficiency Badge. In 1909 Baden Powell was only just formalizing the Scout movement and formalizing it on the ideas of 'backwoodmanship' gleaned from his time in South Africa. I am sure that ENTERTAINER was a qualification to be farthest from his ideals. Comments direct to my Email would be appreciated.
13th Nov, 2014david swindellsthere will be a swap meet at kidsgrove scout hq stoke-on-trent on sunday 1st febuary 2015, anyone wishing to stay over saturday night may do so , bring your own bed roll and food , more details are in the sett magazine or message me on facebook [Smiley]
29th Sep, 2014Vilson Roberto CorrêaSou colecionador de distintivos e pertenço ao Clube CoBras do Brasil, sou Dirigente do Grupo Escoteiro Curt Hering de Blumenau/Santa Catarina/Brasil.[Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley]
20th Aug, 2014Philip StuartI look at the 'Virtual UK Patch Collection' where are the N Ireland badges?
20th May, 2014James CramptonHi there. I am looking for name tapes of all the scout troops of Fairfield District in Liverpool. Please help.
19th May, 2014Graham RotheryEx member 994 returned to Scouting after 15 yr doing other charity volunteering - dusting off badges -thinking of rejoining - saying hello to anyone who remembers me (editor for a while) originally joined after Welsh Jamboree 1969!!!
4th Mar, 2014Simon AndrewHello all, I have a very large collection of scout badges & memorabilia on a mobile discovery trailer. I visit jamborees & vist local shows in Lincolnshire. I have badges to swap. + I,am out to collect all district new & old. badges.
Home address - Homefield, Upperthorpe,
Westwoodside, Doncaster. DN9 2AQ.
28th Feb, 2014Roger WoodHi my name is roger wood i am now retired and emigrated to Ontario Canada .
I am English
My address is
PO Box 75
P0H 1S0
Tel .705 757 3840
If any body wants to get in touch. Please do
I have held Warrant’s with 3d Sudbury . Suffolk. GSL, SL. ASL And Ashby and Coalville !st Packington.
Hold a Wood badge (scouts).
And have been a member of IBC. Now I have some time on my hands I would like to rejoin’
I still have an Collection. 40 years a go.
6th Jan, 2014Ed AndrewsHi all. I am looking for a vintage German Pfadfinderbund chess board pin (Schachbrett)or patch circa 1920's. If anyone has one for sale would like to talk. Thanks for considering.
27th Dec, 2013John A. RobertsA happy new year to all the members of the I B C. Maybe see some of you at meetings during the year.
Always pleased to swop badges by post. I also collect and swop Guide Standards and scout/guide postcards. John. 1/97 [Smiley] [Smiley]
24th Dec, 2013mark parrybest wishes for the festive season and also the new year.
30th Aug, 2013John A. Roberts Hello all you Badgers!
My new email address is:
Pleased to swop scout district, county etc badges. I collect and swop UK and overseas (except for Canadian and Malaysian badges).
Also, I collect and swop Guide Standard badges. Finally, I collect and swop Scout and Guide postcards.
Hope to spread the great idea of collecting and swopping badges (and making friends along the way).
John 1/97[Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley]
8th Jun, 2013Dean MaraghHi, is there a 1985 JOTA badge? would love one!
4th May, 2013Tony DunnAll you keen badge collectors in South America - don't hide away - why dont you join the International Badgers Club? Then you will have plenty members wanting to swop with you and you will get information on all the badges and it makes collecting easy. [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley]
21st Feb, 2013GetúlioCollector'm Brazilian. I collect pledges scouts, delegate badges, ranks highest, sunrise, flags of countries. pins, scarf wogllese scouts. is my facebook add me https://www.facebook.com/SCOUTBADGER[Smiley]
12th Feb, 2013Eric FI am looking for medical staff badges and other memorabilia from any jamborees. I have most items from the U.S., but I am looking for non-US issues. I know there are issues from Japan and Australia that I don't have. There are probably from other countries as well. Also looking for issues from World Jamborees. Will trade well! Thanks!
18th Jan, 2013Tomas AfiSHello!

Im a collector from Panama and I really like to trade badges from people of Europe [Smiley]

Also, I collect badges from the 2007 WSJ and EuroJam 1994/2005 !

1st Jan, 2013david swindellsthe swindells gang wish everyone a very happy new year and an invitation to join them at kidsgrove scout hq sunday 27 jan for the 26 annual badge meeting. overnight accomodation in hq is available saturday evening and meal out at local pub if interested, please let us know if you are interested in meal. [Smiley]
24th Dec, 2012mark parrymerry christmas to all
18th Dec, 2012DaveTo all Badgers I hope that you all have a Great Christmas and a happy new year.
19th Oct, 2012mark parryto all members please note this is my new e-mail address
19th Oct, 2012mark parryplease note new e-mail address parrym79@gmail.com
20th Jul, 2012Keith Rooks-CowellThe Southend badge meet will be held on Sunday 23rd September at the District Scout Headquarters 191 Eastern Avenue Southend-on-SEa,SS2 4BU
Further details from me on 01702 584026
Hope to see you there.

keith (3085)[Smiley]
20th Jun, 2012david wongwe are the badgers and we are writing from our badger set munching on worms! we like to badger all night and badger all day! live life and prosper! we know you boys love a badger
14th Jun, 2012rob van dietenwonder if there is a club for badge collectors in general - not just those associated with the scout movement?
Thanks, Rob
24th May, 2012Ethan Comrie Looking for somebody who will trade and OA flap(granted I dont have it) for a Tisquantum #164, my home lodge. COntact me if willing to trade.
16th Mar, 2012Pablo CabreraSoy coleccionista de Uruguay y me intesa el intercambio de insignias socuts y hebillas

I'm a collector of Uruguay and I intesa socuts exchange badges and buckles

Lobo Cabullero
3rd Mar, 2012Trader AngeloHi I'm Trader Angelo from the Philippines.
I collect Highest awards, progress badges, and especially the Pre-APR 1967 badges, epaulets and other stuff.

Please do let me know if you have any.
I will be very happy to do badge swapping.

Yours in Scouting,
31st Dec, 2011mark parryi would also like to wish everybody a happy and prosperous new year
30th Dec, 2011Peter BradyJust in case anyone checks this page out, i would just like to send all club members worldwide my very best wishes for 2012. Hope you all have a great year [Smiley]
30th Dec, 2011david swindellshello everyone, may i wish you all a happy new year and an invitation to come to the swop meeting at 1st kidsgrove scout hq. stoke-on-trent, sunday 22 january 2012 9.00am -15.00 no charge to get in drinks available for small charge[Smiley]
6th Nov, 2011RebeccaHi[Smiley],

Love this site.

Just thought I would share this new yahoo Patch(badge)swaping group.
12th Oct, 2011NELSON SERACIavery good page
8th Sep, 2011HiroshiHi
I would like to exchange 22WSJ UK Unit badges for my Japanese badge.
I participated to Japan(Troop13) in 22WSJ.
19th Aug, 2011RebeccaGroups link:

2nd Aug, 2011RebeccaHi,

I just started a new Patch Exchang group. Open to all WAGGGS members. I Am looking for new members to make this group posible. Hope you can find this site. My site name is GSGG Trading and it is a google site.


Greetings all

I am trying to drum up some business for our Southend badge meet in the hope that we can encourage a few more badgers to pop along. Over the past 2-3 years we have had less and less and it would be a shame if it had to be removed from the calendar as it is the only one in this area.
I am trying to encourage some young people from our district to come along so it would be a shame if not many turned up. It would be great to see a few new faces as well as the regulars. Hope to see some of you there.
If anyone would like to do a postal swap then please email me
23rd Jun, 2011Chris MayoI am looking for a ( or a quantity of ) fleur de lys scout section metal beret badges ( with the two prongs on the back).... these were in use from 1966 to at least 1972 or beyond..
3rd Jun, 2011Alan sewellWell done love the new Badge ID section
16th May, 2011Ian MacCalderAny Scotland District badges collectors interested in trading for Canadian District/Area badges?
28th Oct, 2010rob vainesDidcot Districtin Oxfordshire have just changed their district badge, but I don'tknow how to update theimage on this site
29th Aug, 2010amparo ellarhello i am a wood badger from the phillipines
13th Jul, 2010RebeccaHi there,

Love to patch trade and am alway looking for new people to trade with. I have patches from about 3 diferint county right know and lot of USA fun patches. Email me and I can let you know what I have for swap right know. I love to get USA and patch from any county.
7th Mar, 2010Saro SantanocetoHello, i'm Italian scout leader and i collect scarf, neckerchief and pennant of World Jamboree Scout.
If you have duplication, or scarf to sell, please write me and reach an agreement.
Many thanks, Saro.
11th Feb, 2010peter bradyHi Badgers, Does anybody know if a FELT issue of the Oxford County badge has ever been issued or recorded
3rd Feb, 2010JOHN ROBERTS (IBC 1/97) Hello to all scouts out there, especially the ones who collect badges!
I collect and swop district/county/area badges from around the world. Great for learning about other countries and their history. I also collect and swop modern scout and guide postcards.
Send me an email and we can correspond and maybe do some swopping.

John IBC 1/97[Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley]
1st Feb, 2010hoanihello all
29th Dec, 2009YHGohI am collector of badges from Singapore/ Malaysia. Area of collection are Pre-APR, Highest Award and Proficiency badges. Let me know and we can definitely swap.

29th Nov, 2009mark parrycan anybody help me identify a badge that i have in my collection it has a white background with firstly a red cross and on top of the red cross there is a golden cross
25th Oct, 2009david mayhi i am a scouter from the uk . i have some badge to trade they are for tha holland trip i am going on in 2010 , a bit about this badge they are made for the oosterbeek airborne march , we are the only uk scouts there so the badge is a one off for the trip . so if you would like to trade we me i will do 1 3" badge for 2 all i am asking is they are not uk ones .all i wont them for is to give out on the march. to the ducth kids .

david [Smiley] [Smiley]
7th Oct, 2009RussellI wish to insure my badge collection. Do any fellow members of the badgers club have any advise they can offer.
Many thanks.
30th Aug, 2009MOACIR STAROSTAHello scoutbrothers around the world.
I enjoy swap some scoutbadges, special, WSJ 2007 contingent bagdes, sunrise day, centenary comemorates badges, promise cubs, scouts and national strips, I have interesting badges to swap.
write soon.


30th Aug, 2009MOACIR STAROSTAHello scoutbrothers around the world.
I enjoy swap some scoutbadges, special, WSJ 2007 contingent bagdes, sunrise day, centenary comemorates badges, promise cubs, scouts and national strips, I have interesting badges to swap.
write soon.


15th Jun, 2009Pascal R. PoumaillouxI am looking for the new British Queen's Scout award badge.
13th May, 2009lonejawahar@yahoo.comhelo
I offer all kinds of postal stationery and stuff
write me about your want list
11th Mar, 2009Vince HislopMy late grandfather was awarded the Medal of Merit (1908 - 1917) in 1914 for saving a girl from drowning. I would like to purchase an example if anyone has one for sale.
16th Dec, 2008mark parrywould like to wish everybody in the club a merry christmas and a happy new year
4th Dec, 2008ian watsonEnglish Cub leader who loves to swap badges!
1st Sep, 2008Paul StoneI have a question regarding two badges that I have.

I have a two 1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee Badge that seem to be different to the normal ones.

1. Appears to have been produced by a different manufacturer to the others in that the finish seems almost perfect

2. The G G in the Guides badge on the bottom right has the G's backwards

Are either of these badges rare?
27th Mar, 2008SarahHi,

Wondered if anyone had a UK Queen Scout Badge issued in the 1990s.

8th Nov, 2007KimberleyHello!! I collect both Canadian and UK Girl Guide badges. Looking to swap for missing badges.
25th Aug, 2007ErlendHello.

A question for all collectors. Is there a complete list of all scout coins? I am looking for a list with real coins.
8th Jul, 2007M. IslamHello,
I am from Bangladesh. i am interested to exchange bank notes, coins, phone cards. ETC. I offering Bank notes, Coins, Phone cards too, also post cards, stamps, Bottle/ crown cap, Match box, Cigarette pack, and many other things. So if any body interested to swap ? exchange with me then don't hesited to contact me.
M. Islam,
e-mail < mislamg44@hotmail.com >
2nd Jul, 2007Greg CohenHello,
I am a collector of UK metal Scout and Guide items (badges, plumes, medals, flag pole emblems, belts, etc.) and I would like to trade with other Club Members.
However, for the moment, the IBC does not facilitate this contact amongst it's membership.
Therefore, if you are interested in Scouting memorabilia (including metal and cloth badges) please drop me an e-mail and I will start the ball rolling by sending out a list of items for sale or swap. I will address the e-mail to all those who respond and then any of you can make contact with your items for sale/swap or items wanted.
Greg (IBC membership number 17/02)
16th Apr, 2007Irawan Dwi PutrantoI have many items of boyscout, like badge, belt, flag,memorabila,pin and much more. If you are interested, contact me by ordinary mail. Below my postal address.

Irawan Dwi Putranto
Jl.Iswahyudi 12
Madiun 63132
17th Feb, 2007MARCOS SERGIO MIRETTIDear Brother Scout, I'm Marcos S. Miretti, I live in San Francisco, Córdoba, Argentina.
I am the director of the Museum Scout BADEN POWELL and I want to invite them to visit the web of the museum in: www.museobadenpowell.com.ar
There they will be able to see some of the objects that there is in the museum. That they enjoy it and remember to leave their message in the Guest book. To contact send mail to: marmir@arnet.com.ar or marmirbp@hotmail.com

Yours in Scouting.

Director Museo Scout

Hola Hermanos Scouts, desde hace varios años, estoy trabajando en el proyecto de realizar un MUSEO SCOUT INTERNACIONAL.

Pues bien, ese proyecto poco a poco esta creciendo y en la actualidad ya tiene varios escalones terminados.
Quiero invitarlos a que a la distancia conozcan algunas de las cosas que tengo en mi MUSEO SCOUT "BADEN POWELL". Esta web esta en construccion y en unas semanas tendrán disponibles muchas cosas mas, para visitarla ingresen a: www.museobadenpowell.com.ar


Es mi mayor deseo que disfruten lo que allí se puede ver y si ustedes tienen algun objeto que les interesaría estuviera en las vitrinas de mi Museo Scout, con gusto recibo las opiniones y ofrecimientos a: marmir@arnet.com.ar


Director Museo Scout
17th Jan, 2007debbie CAN ANYONE HELP ME
looking for 2 x set 2004 20th australian jamboree contingent badges and sub camp badges

don't know whereelse to look
maybe someone can help me
please email me asap[Smiley]
5th Jan, 2007Alejandra Morales (Alejacobra)Hello guys!
My name is Alejandra Morales and I'm a girl scout from Costa Rica, I collect all kind of guide and scout badges.
If you are interested in trade with me please visit my website www.freewebs.com/alejacobra there you can see what I offer.
And send me an e-mail
Take care my friends and HAPPY ANIVERSARY!!!! 100 years!!!

Ale. [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley]
2nd Jan, 2007dale shi all, just found this great site. iam interested in collecting badges from australia both district and jamboree badges.
any help would be helpful thanx
1st Jan, 2007mark parrywould like to wish everybody in the club a happy new year
26th Dec, 2006Rafael RamosHello:

IŽm Venezuelan. IŽm want to swap any scoutbadges with you...
8th Dec, 2006Moacir StarostaHello, I collect some scout badges, speciality, promise, associations, national targets and comemorate 2007 world Jamboree and Centenary, if you enjoy it, write me.

Sempre Alerta!

I wait your e-mail.
15th Nov, 2006mariaHi,
My name is Maria bakul, and i am from BANGLEDESH. i am interested to exchange/ swap bank notes, coins, phone cards, etc with collector. If any one fill interested, please mail me. I can also send post cards, Stamps,Fdc, Bottle cap and other things from my country. thanks you advance.
kind regards,
E-mail< mariabakul@yahoo.com >
2nd Nov, 2006Carlos PozoHola Amigo:
Mi nombre es Carlos Pozo y soy un scout de Santiago de Chile....
Hace muy poco que me inicie en esto de intercambiar insignias, me gustaria poder intercambiar con ustedes, o que me dieran la inforamcion de quien les gustaria intercambiar conmigo....
Gracias pro su ayuda.....
31st Oct, 2006Nick Hi,
I am ayoung scout from Victoria, Australia. I'm trying to get my parents to let me join. I have a really really really small collection of around 20-30 badges. Any spare badges that you have could you please donate to me. It would really help me and my friend achieve our goal. I am going to try to fill up a blanket with badges, get the sown on and take them to camps. Any donations would mean the world to me.

Yours in Scouting
26th Oct, 2006Valéria FratiniGood Afternoon!
I have got a ten-year- old son at the Boys? scouter group Guia Lopes, at Rosa dos
Ventos pack Bauru/SP Brazil.

As we are elaborating a social work : Citizens of the World I?m thinking about the possibilities of changing Bottons signs to complement our work!

(wolf) Lobinho: Jhonatah Fratini
135/SP Register da UEB:330896-0
Akelá: Sidney.

Obs:As you know one of the items of this work is the foreigner hashmark.

Valéria Fratini
Street: Joaquim da Conceição de Mattos 7-29
Vila Dutra - Bauru - SP
(Po Box) CEP:17057-360 Brazil
17th Oct, 2006HarryHow can I get Updates on theUniform & Other Badges booklets[Smiley]
26th Sep, 2006Rafael RamosHello:

IŽm Venezuelan. IŽm want to swap any scoutbadges with you...

24th Sep, 2006M. IslamHELLO,
E-mail< mislamg44@hotmail.com >
7th Sep, 2006sam smithi'm new to this collecting badges and found it easy to find the badges i needed. i am only a scout and have few badges but will keep collecting until i have one of each badge. my dads membership number is 04/06F[Smiley]
6th Sep, 2006MassimoHi from former badger # 1164 from Italy. Keep on!
24th Aug, 2006Jose Luis HernandezHello to all my oversea brothers scout,
I wouldlike to swap badges from Mexico,in fact if there are some of you interested in it, please send me a note..will be a pleasure to have in contact.
I wrote a note days ago...

Hearty Left Handshake
Jose Luis Hernandez
19th Aug, 2006Jose Luis HernandezA Hearty Left Handkerchief from all my overseas brothers scouts.
I am Commissioner of Relationsn I am a membere of the Asociacion de Scouts de Mexico, recognized by the WOSM.
I live in Cancun (Mexican Caribbean)
I am a collector of scout badges from all over the world, I have badges of the 1970 to,,,,
Hope to hear from you in the near future
Yours in Scouting
Jose Luis
19th Aug, 2006Jose Luis Hernandez...Hello again...
If there are some of you in swap badges, will be a pleasure:

Jose Luis Hernandez
SM 38, M 6, L 22
Calle Edzna (entre Los Almendros y Tikal)
Fraccionamiento Paraiso II
Cancun, Quintana Roo
C.P. 77507
16th Aug, 2006Aliaksei DazortsauBe prepared!
Hi everybody!
I'm a Belarusian collector!
If you interesting in Belarusian and Russian badges and belts, please write me.
My e-mail: vitebskscouts@inbox.ru

My post adress:

Frunze 22-80
Aliaksei Dazortsau

Please, send your badges or belts for exchange and i will send you Russian and Belarusian badges and belts!

Your in Scouting!
7th Aug, 2006Stefano VitaliDear badgers,

I am an italian collector.
I collect only buckles belt of scouts associations.
I have to swop a lot of italian badges and buckles (also old!)

ciao a tutti

21st Jun, 2006phili havesome jamboree anuals 1929 arrow park 1947 paris and a couple more i also have 1 1927 silver thanks badge and also the ladies thanks badge and a collection of badges and pennants from around the world
17th Jun, 2006mark parrywonder if anyone can help me to identify a badge i have been given it is white but in the middle it has green square and symbol in green any help would be greatly appreciated
28th May, 2006TOONG SIN CHOYHi, I'm Scout Leader from Malaysia, i looking for scout badge from all over the world, scout traning guide line and "SCOUTING FOR BOYS" for different country.
19th May, 2006Rudolf MajkusI am collector badge,pin,button,lapel..
theme cactus.
My collection : www.sweb.cz/odznak
You me help-consult ???
12th May, 2006MARCOS SERGIO MIRETTIHello, I am Marcos Sergio Miretti and I am Scout leader in Argentina South América.
I have a collection of books SCOUTING FOR BOYS (the book that BADEN POWELL wrote) in several different languages.I want to know if you have one to exchange with me.
You can see part of my collection in: www.tiendascout.com.ar in the link LIBRARY (you should read in Spanish BIBLIOTECA ).
If you have some book in their language, please leave a message to: marmir@arnet.com.ar
Cordial greetings.

Send to this address:


Your in scouting.

24th Apr, 2006Osvaldo Arancibia FernándezEstimated Brothers Scouts Tengo Emblems Official of the Jamborre Mundial 1998-1999 in Chile to change and emblems and pin of Chile etc send me one run to know that you need Atte.

Osvaldo Arancibia F.

Estimado Hermanos Scouts
Tengo Insignias Oficial del Jamborre Mundial 1998-1999 en Chile para cambiar
y insignias y pin de Chile etc mándame un corre para saber que necesitas

Osvaldo Arancibia F.
17th Mar, 2006Rafael RamosHello:

IŽm Venezuelan. IŽm want to swap any scoutbadges with you...

7th Mar, 2006mark parryi would like to give thanks to the executive of the club for another wonderful meeting at gilwell.


mark parry (63/00)
1st Mar, 2006AlitaI am from the Virginia Skyline Council area in the USA . Collecting patches /scarves , etc. from other countries is my hobby . If you are a Girl Scout or Girl Scout Leader from another country and would like to trade please contact me.
Look forward to hearing from someone.
24th Feb, 2006Ian GreigI am starting my collection up again and am interested in two main items at present.
First the "plume" badges that scouters used to wear on the side of their hats (sometimes called "brush badges").
I do not know if many of them are around. Has anyone got any idea of what the Australian versions went for in the last auction? Any info on these badges would be appreciated.
Second I am interested in the Thailand Scout enameled badges. I have all of the current ones but would like any info about older ones if possible.
Thanks to all.
20th Feb, 2006mark parrybruce,
did you know that sunderland now has a double badge as well as the single badge.


mark parry (63/00)
11th Feb, 2006Graeme KitneyI'm a Club member of over 20 years, but no longer actively collecting. I'm now on South Metro Region, (Victoria Australia) staff and retired from work so I have decided to dispose of my collection.[Smiley] As my sons don't want it, I have a large number of Australian District and Jam. badges (including contingents) also Asian district and some World Jam.and contingents available. Send me your Wants List and I'll see if I can help. [Smiley]
8th Feb, 2006Martin HonorHi Bruce have just been looking at the virtual badge collection and see you show varieties for some badges. A great idea [Smiley] Are you planning to expand this?
6th Oct, 2005angelo manarangHello to all..
from the commitee of Intbc please allow me to join in your group..Mr.Richard Puttenham from winnipeg,manitoba has sent me his identification code..He ask me also that I will tell to all of you that He sent me..
to prove this,this is his Identification code
#ibc 418/93
I hope you understand..Also To ALL Scout badges coolectors I'm just wanted to trade or to sell my special scout badges from philippines..
you can choose the items or badgeswhat you want...So you can email me if anyones of you are interested..
4th Oct, 2005joao cccdo you have badges of your country or group to swap?
Well, i do!! send an e-mail and we'll talk about it[Smiley]
24th Sep, 2005Jorge SilvaIf you trade scout stuff, please send me a email.
I have almost the badges to trade from CNE and AEP - Portugal.
I have badges, pins, postcards, neckerchiefs, stickers, buckles...
16th Sep, 2005victorSaludos,me agrado saber de hermanos scouts de otros paises, soy en la
actualidad adulto colaborador, fui scout y dirigente durante muchos
asuntos laborales me tienen un poco alejado, mi esposa es jefe de grupo,
Grupo San Pablo, Region Zulia,Distrito Samuel Martinez,les comento que
uno de los grupos mas numerosos del Pais.
La intencion de este contacto es porque estoy interesado en el
de insignias scouts. Si tienes posibilidades de hacerlo solo confirma
correo, envia una direccion postal de correo,para hecer el primer
con ud.
Sin mas a que hacer referencia
Se despide
Siempre Listo
Victor Rodriguez

12th Sep, 2005Keith[Smiley] Hi Bruce,you are good for the club,from strength to strength your work on the site is excellent,stay with us... I`m working on helping others with there wants,any 1 interested in my area 101...Email me..tar-lars~TTFN.
10th Sep, 2005adzkeni wnt 2 eurojam did u see me sing songs bout liverpool[Smiley]
18th Aug, 2005Jeff RobinsonI have three complete sets of 9 badges that represent the States of Australia. One series has Australian State birds, another has Australian State animals and the the other has Australian State flowers. Is anyone interested in purchasing these?
16th Aug, 2005NicolasHello everybody. The site is great, keep it like this. I just returned from Eurojam where i had the chance to visit badgers club (almost everyday i was there) and now that eurojam is over i miss all that fun i had [Smiley] Of course i will send my application form so i will be a member now [Smiley] My collection is really small (about 200 badges from eurojam) but im looking forward to make it larger and larger. Badges are awesome!
11th Aug, 2005JoshI went to Eurojam 2005 and it was fantastic! i Hope to start collecting badges and i think badges are great!
So here i come [Smiley] !
11th Aug, 2005Josh (AGAIN)Hi i have only just started collecting and any spare badges would be greatly appreciated, please email me and i will get back to you!

Thanks Again!
29th Jun, 2005Barry KHello I am an Irish Scout and I hope to join soon

IŽve been Collecting badges for less than a year but its been fun

cant wait to join [Smiley]
27th May, 2005Israel Akintunde AwogbadeWow,this is wounderful,am not a collector but my Dad does.Reading the magazine lead me to this site and it was so mervelous indeed.please keep it up for our own generation.[Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley]
29th Apr, 2005Ken Waters[Smiley] Great to see this site again[Smiley] Thanks for all the hard work you put in Bruce[Smiley] So lets have more of that funky monkey[Smiley] You love so much[Smiley]
15th Apr, 2005roger woodI am an ex member,I an now due to retire and am wondering how much my collection is worth.If I get a reply I can e mail jpegs.A sample. I was a Rover Scout in Chelsea(5th Chelsea)and have a Chelsea Distict Badge,Rover badges.Plus Queen Scout.I am looking forward to a reply.
9th Apr, 2005SarahGreat site, very useful.
I swap cub and scout proficiecy/activity/progress awards any where in the world.
I have lots of old Cub badges to swap.
Email me if your interested
21st Mar, 2005Jenny GMy first visit to this site, which is shame on me, but spent an entertaining half hour reading comments! Always happy to swop badges. [Smiley]
17th Feb, 2005Janet Rainbow-KingCan anyone help me please. I am looking for A Metal Cap Badge from the Barcelona Fire Department.
My husband is a Fireman in London and collects all Fire Brigade Cap badges but cannot find one of these. Can you help
Much appreciated if you can

27th Jan, 2005g man c.c[Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley]
29th Nov, 2004Valerie A. KlaassenI would like to join the Canadion Badgers and BSA Clubs without charge. I would like to collect merit badges and display them on a badge sash. I am a Rover Scout. Thank you.

Valerie A. Klaassen
28th Oct, 2004John RobertsI have been a member of the IBC for about 7 years. It is a great club and the magazine is also excellent. I have noticed in the past year or so the drop in the number of 'badgers' putting adverts in the magazine to do general swopping. So let's get the club back to its roots -- good swopping! Happy collecting.
28th Oct, 2004John Roberts[Smiley] Here is another message from John. Forgot to [Smiley] that I also collect and swop scout and guide postcards (mostly modern), but also collect the older ones.
There is a lot of interest in the cards as some show badges as well. [Smiley] Come on let's make it a great club again!
12th Oct, 2004Susan BakerI like badgers.Preferbly the Wisconsin Badgers.Although I don't have a big collection of badger items.I just think the badger is a neat wild animal and should be protected it's not like other animals that you would want hunted like deer and other things people eat for food.
1st Oct, 2004Xavier Adell PorrasCongratulattions for this web is very nice!

I'am collector badges from Spain I have badges from around the world for change.

I collector Promise badges and progres badges to Wolf Cubs, Scouts, Seniors and Rovers, National strips, sea and air scouts, W.J. to participant, and National badges.

D'ont collector Beavers and Guirl Guides.

Thank for all and many greatting from Spain!

Xavier Adell.
Pantera Cofoi.
25th Sep, 2004triciaI have a really old Guide uniform complete with badges ( 1914 year) I think.
Any suggestions on what it is worth, selling it etc?[Smiley]
18th Sep, 2004pandian i love scouting[Smiley]
14th Sep, 2004Ken Waters 14/98Bruce this is great, first time i've found this bit of the webpage. nice to see people wanting to join, pity about the advert letters though?[Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley]
14th Jul, 2004John RobertsI had forgotten about this brilliant [Smiley] part of the IBC web page. Let's have more [Smiley] of the members leaving notes and comments on here. The magazine is great [Smiley] but we need more people to do swopping [Smiley] by post. It is a great way to turn over your swops and meet [Smiley] new collectors. So [Smiley] spread the news about our great club in scouting and guiding. Yours John Roberts
14th Jul, 2004Arne LippensHey.

I am a Belgian WJ collector. I was a troopleader on the WJ in Holland and Chile, and I was an ass. contingentleader for Belgium in Thailand.

I am looking for all kinds of contingentbadges of the WJ's. I have many contingentbadges to swap.

Interested, please contact me.


Lippens Arne
14th Jul, 2004matthew cluttonnice page keep up the hard work.[Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley]
3rd Jul, 2004Francis Erubel want to be a member of international badges club[Smiley]
6th Mar, 2004sergio cotoras hello! ! ! fantastic it paginates. I am a collector of Argentinean and I take as collector 15 years. if they want they can visit my it paginates web http://elwebdelleonamistoso2.iespana.es and http://elwebdelleonamistoso.iespana.es I have to almost exchange all loque they look for of my country. me alone I collect national badges and of progrecion but delegations to the world jamborees. [Smiley]
11th Feb, 2004NETA Embroidery Co.,Great Site.............it helps me a lot
26th Jan, 2004Adam BauerHello, I'm a scout in the United States looking to trade for badges from Germany.
6th Jan, 2004edwin bessant 3567Hi Bruce.
I do like the site. It certainly gives enough information to any one wishing to join the Club, who finds the site.
Well Done
17th Nov, 2003david swindellsinvitation to anyone reading this that the annual swop meet will again be held at goldenhill h.q. stoke-on trent on sunday 25th january 2004 9.30 everyone is wellcome, this is one of the ibc. recognised meetings held in the uk where badges can be traded and friends new and old can be meet, just a continuation of the great information you are reading about here.[Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley] [Smiley]
28th Oct, 2003Ken Bousfield (19/00)Just discovered this informative site. Pity it appears not many use it judging by the number of adverts. Why not advertise the site in the Club magazine?
Does anyone have any email addresses of badge secretaries in the UK so that I can build up my collection? Don't have much to swap at the moment.[Smiley] [Smiley]
19th Oct, 2003mark parrywhilst on the joti event this weekend i was talking to a scouter in new zealand and she mentioned about badge collecting have arranged a swap with her. during the conversation she mentioned her husband also collects badges it turned out her husband is tely the cataloguer of new zealand badges. greetings exchanged small world eh!
6th Sep, 2003Ricardo VelásquezNice page... i want to be a member.... iŽm from Panama, in central america... i want to swap badges, email me... [Smiley] [Smiley]
10th Aug, 2003Mike Johnson #166Greetings from California,USA. Who is the USA Rep?
30th Jul, 2003Osvaldo Arancibia FernandezEstimado señores:
Necesito saber como inscribirme en el club, como lo puedo hacer
26th Jul, 2003Barry Mc Inerney[Smiley]
Joined the Badgers Club last year and it has been brill "Thank You" to each of you who have replied to my mail and especially to those who returned the badges !!!

9th Jul, 2003Peter BradyA very informative site
I have just joined the club (13/03) after many years collecting in a small way,now trying to do it properly. Already made contact with some very helpfull members
If anyone fancies a trade please email me[Smiley]
30th Jun, 2003matthewi am a scout in england and just joined the club if andyone has any district badges they would like to swap please
e-mail me
30th Jun, 2003Gary GladwellI collect UK county and district badges and can swap my 8 local district badges including the new Ilford North West district (June 2003).
E-mail me to arrange a trade.
8th Jun, 2003John RobertsA really good site. Well worth a look -- join the club and meet new friends for swopping and corresponding. I have been in the IBC for over 7 years. It's great! Email me for some swopping

YISAF John [Smiley]
12th May, 2003Jorge I trade any thing about scouting. I'm a scout portuguese
7th Apr, 2003Mark Parrydid not know what fun it would be when i joined the badgers club but it has given me the opportunity to met many people not only in the u.k but also overseas and also going to the meetings is an experience. looking forward to the wakefield meet on sunday.
21st Mar, 2003Altamiro VilhenaI like to be around to check the news about our club. I am really proud about being a Badger.
If you are interested in brazilian badges, visit www.scoutbadges.net
yours in world scouting,
12th Feb, 2003BruceFed up doing any work in the office today - time for a bit of the funky monkey! [Smiley]
24th Jan, 2003grahama great site

I been in collecting for 30 + years

small collection of UK county - district
-scout and guide profiency/ progress badges - small worldwide badges.

I have just started collecting again
small ammount of swaps - e-mail me[Smiley]

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