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The Catalogue

The Club Catalogue is only available to Members of The International Badgers Club, it currently runs to some 120 pages and is split into five sections. It contains all known badges that correspond to a geographical area such as a district, country, region, area or country. The catalogue is continually updated, with amendments appearing in each magazine, with a new issue appearing each September.

Badges are ordered in Countries and Continents. The Catalogue also contains all known jamboree badges that have been issued both for World Events and Events organised by different National Associations.

Currently an index is being prepared for the catalogue. In addition to the currently available text files for computers, it is hoped that a database version will soon be available.

Also with approval from the the Club Executive several members have produced other publications for use within the club, some of these include illustrated lists, such as for the West Indies and Asia. Plus list for all the known varieties of different badges, these exists for many countries.

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