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Auction - Why?

The auctions were introduced to The International Badgers Club to enable members who stopped collecting badges (for whatever reason) to sell their collections at the best price possible and to give other members the opportunity of finding those badges that are frequently hard to find.

Since the sales started, it is estimated that some 40,000 badges have been sold with prices realising anything between £1 to £400. Floor auctions, where bidders can either bid by post or turn up at the sale on the day, are normally held twice a year and when demand warrants it, further postal only sales are held. (This is where bids are only accepted by post) Dates and venues for the auctions are featured in The International Badgers Club bi-monthly magazine and members receive the sale catalogue through the post.

We try to illustrate some of the harder to get items so that members can see what they are bidding on but due to space restrictions, we are unable to illustrate everything listed but as full a description as possible is included.

Not unnaturally, the Club takes a commission from the vendor to offset the costs of producing the sale catalogue and postage etc. Currently this is 15% of the total sale price (or 20% for non-members) and unlike many other auctions, we do not add a Buyers Premium to the invoice. We accept many differing types of items from around the world and in the past we have auctioned statues, books, plates, flags, hats and, of course, badges. The only stipulation is that any item has to be Scouting or Guiding related.

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