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Auction FAQ

Question I am not a member if the Club but I have a few Scout items I no longer want. What should I do?
Answer Contact the Auctioneer. He will give you an idea of the value and explain more about what happens with the auction and your badges.
Question I have a complete collection of badges to sell, how do I go about it?
Answer You can offer the complete collection to The International Badgers Club and the Club could then buy it at an agreed price. If the Club does purchase your collection, we can then sell it to other collectors, either as a collection or by splitting it up and using the auction.
Question Do you auction any badge?
Answer That is a bit difficult to answer. In general terms, we do not auction current badges or those on general sale by club members. but there are current badges that are very hard to find and these would normally be auctioned. All items sent for auction are entered into the sales at the Auctioneer's discretion.
Question How much should I bid?
Answer This is not easy to answer fully as many factors can vary the bidding. Generally, you should only bid what you can afford, but it also depends on rarity and your need for that badge. For example, if you only need one badge to complete a set, you may be prepared to pay a lot more for it in order to complete your set. If it were only one of a number of badges you need, you might only be prepared to pay half what you would if it were for the set. The bidding also depends on the rarity and as your collection grows, you will get to know how easy or difficult a badge is to get.
Question If I bid £50 for a badge, will I have to pay that amount?
Answer Not necessarily. The buyer is the person who bids one bid above the next highest bid. For example, you bid £50, another bid is £20. You would buy that badge at £22, but remember, the second bid could be £49 therefore you would pay your bid of £50.
Question I am not a member of the The International Badgers Club but would like to bid in the auction. How do I do this?
Answer The International Badgers Club Auctions are a service for the members and therefore if you are not a member, no bids will be accepted.
Question What happens if I win a badge and it is not the one that I thought it should be?
Answer The International Badgers Club uses all known variety lists and the Auctioneer uses these in conjunction with his knowledge and experience to ensure the correct listing of the badges in the auction. If the badge is correctly described in the catalogue, no refund will be made. If it can be proven that the badge is incorrectly described then you will receive a full refund for that item.
Question If I bid by post, how do I know if I am successful and how do I pay?
Answer After the sale, invoices are produced and normally reach the successful bidder within 10 days. We accept payment by personal cheque, cash, Mastercard or Visa. More details of payment methods are sent with the invoice, and badges are despatched after payment is received.
Question I have a question that is not answered here, how do I contact you?
Answer The auctioneer can be reached by email.

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