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Date AddedMemberIBC Membership No.Details of Swap
2nd Jan, 2020Jens Peter Skovsgaard7100SWOPS: WJ1924, WJ1929, WJ1933, WJ1937 Staff (no bar), Red bar and small text circle, Light blue, Dark blue, Blue-white, Yellow-green, Green-white, WJ1947 Aquitaine, Dauphine, Lorraine, Provence, Savoie, Servir, Blue Zodiaque, WJ1951 Green, all subsequent World Jamboree scout participantsí badges, including WJ1963 Bronze and Silver, and several Rover Moot badges.

WANTS: WJ1929 Auxiliary camp, WJ1937 Green bar and small text circle, Orange bar and small text circle, WJ1947 Maitrise, Red Zodiaque, WJ1963 Gold, WJ1971 Staff, WJ2007 grey back, RM1949 with loop, RM2000 Metal, RM2013.

I am also looking for the following badges in perfect or near-perfect condition: WJ1937 Green, Red-white, WJ1947 Alsace, Flandres, Extension, Marins, White Zodiaque. I am hap
py to exchange or purchase.
5th Jan, 2020Mike Smith12/99Looking for a general swap to turn the swap box over. If you would like to swap up to 15 UK double and/or singles please contact me to arrange.
8th Jan, 2020Pete Brady13/03Happy new year people, If anyone fancies a swap box turnaround please send up to 12 single or double UK district and I will send you back the same by return. Also happy to mix in a few Aus, SA or NI. If you have a wants list attach it and I will see if I can help. Many Thanks

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