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Auction Rules

  1. The Auctioneer will organise auctions (floor, postal, part-postal) on behalf of the Executive. Floor auctions will consist of approximately 500 lots.
  2. Members who have paid the auction fee with their annual membership fee will be entitled to bid in any auction. Any member may submit items for auction.
  3. The purchaser will be the highest bidder, having offered at least one bid increment above the second highest.
  4. Agents bidding on behalf of clients are responsible for both payment and the safe delivery of lots.
  5. Postal bids will be accepted and by the Auctioneer. In the case of identical bids, the first received will prevail. No telephone bids will be accepted.
  6. The Auctioneer reserves the right to:
    • bid on behalf of postal clients;
    • challenge any vendor on the authenticity of any items;
    • withdraw lots at any time.
    • refuse bids
    • refuse items offered for auction.
  7. Each lot is sold as genuine and correctly described by the vendor.
  8. Where more than one lot contain identical items, bidding will automatically be transferred from one lot to the next.
  9. Successful purchasers will pay in full by the date stated on the notification. Postage, packing and bank charges (if applicable) will be charged extra.
  10. Should a purchaser default on payment, he/she will not be allowed to participate in any future auctions.
  11. No lot is to be rejected by the purchaser, providing the lot is correctly described in the auction catalogue. For postal bidders, any rejection must be returned within fifteen days from the date of the postmark, otherwise the sale will be considered finalised.
  12. For auctions in the U.K., all bids and remissions must be in pounds sterling. Personal cheques may be cleared before the despatch of lots. The Auctioneer must be advised, if the payment is to be made by International Money Order.
  13. The purchaser will be responsible for any customs or import duty levied by their own country.
  14. Items received by the Auctioneer cannot be withdrawn.
  15. The vendor may request a reserve price. A commission will be charged on the reserve price set by the vendor, if the item does not reach its reserve.
  16. If the vendor wishes, The International Badgers Club may purchase, at an agreed price, badges offered for auction, then sell them on behalf of the Club. Such a purchase can only be made with the permission of the Executive.
  17. Whilst every care will be taken in executing bids and written instructions, the Auctioneer regrets that The Club, the Executive, its representatives or any other person cannot accept responsibility, for any errors or omissions. The Club accepts no responsibility for delays in the post (or other methods of carriage) resulting in late or non-arrival of postal bids, badges or any correspondence, nor for loss of any item whatsoever whilst in the post or in the possession of the Auctioneer.
    The Club recommends that letters be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope, or reply coupon, for acknowledgement of receipt.
  18. The vendor will be paid in pounds sterling. Payment should be sent to the vendor approximately eight weeks after the auction.
  19. A fee of 15% will be deducted by the Club from the overall purchase price of any auction item as a commission. An additional 5% will be charged to non-members.
  20. Members who request the auction catalogue will receive an auction realisation sheet with the next auction catalogue.
  21. Should a vendor not wish for their items to be sold in a postal or part-postal auction, he/she must advise the Auctioneer in writing at the time of sending items for auction.
  22. The Auctioneer will identify any personal bids that he is making during the auction.
  23. On no account will vendors be allowed to bid on their own property. If any are detected doing so, they will be banned from participating in future auctions.
  24. All correspondence should be sent to the Auctioneer.
  25. Any disputes not resolved by the Auctioneer will be referred to the Executive for their decision.
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